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Hasle Feriepark

Hasle Feriepark is situated in scenic Hasle Woods. Go exploring along wooden paths. Or relax on the beautiful beach. Don't forget your picnic basket! 


One of Bornholm's best beaches, 400 metres away. Sand and water - clean and clear. And lots of sunshine. Time for you and your family to take a dip.


Water games at the holiday centre. A swimming pool and a wading pool for the little ones. Squeals and shouts of joy.


Exercise is invigorating. The exercise trails and playing fields are ready for action. Why not hold a family table-tennis tournament?


Well-furnished row houses at Hasle Feriepark. With their own terrace facing the wooded paths. Stretch out and relax after an eventful day of holiday activities.


Enjoy each other's company in the kitchen. Does the menu include smoked herring from the local smokehouse?


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